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‘Bogan Bandit’ took a bullet but ploughed on

BOGAN BANDIT: The computer-generated image of Chad Butterworth.

A MAN who was shot in the shoulder by a security guard during an attempted armed robbery outside a bank in New Lambton used “salty water and antibiotics” to treat his gunshot wound.

Chad Butterworth, 24, told Newcastle District Court he had not sought the help of a doctor after the brazen attempted robbery of a transit truck carrying $80,000 outside a Westpac Bank on December 19, 2014.

Butterworth, who pleaded guilty in November, told the court during sentencing submissions on Friday the robbery was only meant to be a “snatch and run”.

However, the security guard managed to squeeze off one round, hitting Butterworth in the left shoulder, despite losing consciousness as he was being repeatedly bashed in the head by a metal baton.

Butterworth and two other men managed to flee the scene.

Asked about how he treated his injury, Butterworth said he used “salty water and antibiotics”, which he obtained from his co-offender.

He said the scars of the gunshot wound were a “constant reminder” to him.

“It’s just a constant reminder of the things I’ve done,” Butterworth said.

“In the mirror when I get out of the shower, it’s there. It reminds me of the wrong things I have done.”

Butterworth said he still did not remember striking the security guard over the head but conceded it was him.

“I’m very embarrassed I let myself stoop so low. No man or woman should have that done to them while carrying out their day-to-day job,” he said.

“It was a low act.”

He admitted that he was addicted to ice at the time of the attempted robbery, and did not feel pain immediately after he was shot because he was most likely “off my head” and full of adrenaline.

Butterworth managed to evade arrest for the best part of 18 months but a pair of sunglasses left at the scene would lead to his downfall.

Detectivesfound images on Butterworth’s Facebook page that showed him wearing a pair of “mirrored” sunglasses similar to the pairleft at the scene by one of the robbers.

Police began tapping his phones and listening into his conversations at homebefore releasing a computer-generated image of one of the armed robbers.

Police described the man as having a mullet-stylehaircut.

Butterworth, dubbed the “Bogan Bandit”, was then overheard by police discussing whether the image looked like him, before deciding to chop his mullet off.

“Do you think it looks like me?” he asked.

“What if I cut my hair off. Can you cut my mullet off?

“Well I fit the description. 180cm tall. Except that I am 185. And Caucasian, early 20’s. With a mullet style haircut.

“Yeah, cut if off.”

The case continues.

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