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Dolphin birth captured on camera in WA

A rare birth of a wild dolphin has been witnessed south of Perth.The rare sight of a dolphin calf being born in the wild has been captured on camera off the West Australian coast.

The one-and-a-half-hour labour of baby Pom-Pom was witnessed on April 11 on a dolphin cruise in Mandurah, south of Perth, where more than 100 animals have gathered for mating season in the estuary and nearby ocean.

Murdoch University researcher Martin van Aswegen says it is extremely rare for humans to witness a wild dolphin giving birth as the mothers tend to avoid humans.

“Given the sensitive nature of the event and the vulnerability of the mother and calf, it is quite incredible that we know the precise time of birth of a wild dolphin,” he said.

Mother Squarecut is well-known for surfing alongside boats in the area, which has seen a baby-boom over the past three months with 22 wild dolphin calves.

Newborn dolphins need their mother’s milk for about 18 months, and will stay by their side for up to three years.

Australian Associated Press

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