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Falls from cruise liners are not rare

At least nine deaths from people falling overboard or onto decks have been reported in recent years.The disappearance of a woman who fell overboard while on the P&O Pacific Dawn is one of at least nine occasions in the past two years where people have fallen while on board a cruise ship.


* April 12 – A woman falls overboard at 4pm while travelling on the Brisbane-bound Pacific Dawn, 300km west of New Caledonia, with the search called off on April 13.

* April 3 – A 34-year-old Saudi Arabian man is reported to have fallen overboard on the Norwegian Spirit at 2am when it was 30km west of the Spanish port of Cartagena.

* March 6 – A woman falls overboard while taking a ‘selfie’ about 9pm on the Norwegian Epic cruise liner off the coast of the Bahamas. Crew members use a tender to rescue her.

* January 21 – Forty-four-year-old mother Juwanna Brooks goes missing on the second day of a five-day cruise from New Orleans to the Gulf of Mexico on board the Carnival Triumph. Her mother tells ABC News (US) the cruise was her daughter’s first, a Christmas present from her husband.

* January 19 – A passenger dies on the Carnival Elation after falling from the 14th deck to the 11th deck while it was in the Bahamas.


* October 14 – An eight-year-old girl from Nassau in the Bahamas dies after falling from an atrium balcony onto the deck below while the Carnival Glory is docked in Miami.


* December 23 – A 74-year-old British woman was on a 12-night tour of the Caribbean on the Queen Mary 2 when she went overboard, a day after departing New York. She was never found.

* September 7 – New Yorker Rina Patel, 32, was seen falling off the 11th deck of the Carnival Ecstasy, 43 kilometres southwest of Freeport in the Bahamas.

* May 13 – Samantha Broberg, 33, was on a girls’ weekend cruise from Texas to Mexico when she fell backwards from a rail on the 10th deck of the Carnival Liberty about 2am. Her disappearance was not discovered until after sunrise.

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Australian Associated Press

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