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Fire Rescue NSWHunter report

The truck fire at Bonnells Bay Fire crews throughout the Hunter have been kept busy on the roads this past week due to a sharp rise in vehicle accidents and fires.

Firefighters extinguished 11 car fires over a three-day period, as well as a truck fire at Bonnells Bay that extensively damaged the cabin and earth-moving equipment on the back.

Over the same three-day period fire crews attended dozens of motor vehicle accidents. Firefighters actions at these incidents include rescuing people who may be trapped in a vehicle and providing fire protection until the person is removed. In this case, firefighters will wear breathing apparatus and stand-by with a hose line until the victim is released.

The overturned truck lost several tonnes of chicken pellets down an embankment

Other actions undertaken by firefighters at accidents include medical assistance, traffic control, rendering the scene safe, and cleaning up any leaks and spills from vehicles. A truck accident attended by Cardiff station saw this role of clean up reach new levels. The truck overturned, spilling several tonnes of chicken pellets over the footpath and down an embankment. “We believe the load shifted on the truck as it rounded a corner. Luckily the driver was uninjured and no pedestrians were on the footpath at the time”, Senior Firefighter Fraser Remington said.

In other incidents this week, Charlestown fire crew assisted in carrying a surfer with suspected spinal injuries from Leggy Point to a waiting ambulance at Glenrock scout camp.

Ralph Smith, FRNSW Leading Firefighter

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