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Talented trio sing for a spot on The Voice

ON SONG: Brothers David and Pete McCredie, of Kilaben Bay, and musician Anyerin Drury (inset) will try their luck on The Voice this year.Two Kilaben Baybrothers and a father-of-three from Fern Bay will be singing for a spot on The Voice 2018.

David and Pete McCredie, andAnyerin Drury, made it through to the “blind auditions” where they will sing to coaches Deltra Goodrem, Boy George, Kelly Rowland and Joe Jonas –and an audience of millions. If just one of the coaches turns their chair for an artist, they have made it through to the competition rounds.

The McCredie brothers’ performances will air on Nine and 9Now on Tuesday, April 17. Drury’s audition will be televised next week. David McCredie, 23, recently married his long-time love Emmeline and is a sports-mad sales representative who gigs on weekends.

“I’ve had a couple of friends on The Voice before and I thought it would be fun so I’d give it a crack,” he told the Herald.

His younger brother Pete, 19, gave up a promising cricket career to pursue music. He is studying a university business degree by correspondence and has just released a single, Paper Plane,online.

David and Pete McCredie

“I’m a singer and songwriter and I thought The Voice could be a good opportunity for people to hear my music. You don’t make music to not have it heard,” he said.

“Like my brother said, I’ll give it a crack. The music industry is a little bit tricky though, there’s so many quality artists and musicians that don’t end up going anywhere.If I break into the industry, that’s great. If I don’t, that’s fine too.”

Drury, 31, sings for a living.He grew up in Port Stephens and attended St Philip’s Christian College at Salamander Bay. He married at the age of 19 and moved to Kentucky in the US two years later with his wife Jamie-Lea, working as music director at a large church.

They returned to Newcastle in 2015 and Drury has been performing at pubs and clubs around the area ever since.

“Music has been my main interest my whole life. I learned to play guitar when Iwas 14,” he said.

“NowI’m a working musician with three kids and a darling wife and I’mable to take care of them all just from doing three or four gigs a week. I love to write, I love to record,I love to play live, and I love making people smile,” he said.

Anyerin Drury

So, why audition for The Voice?

“I’ve beenre-establishing who I am, and my musical identity. I feel ready to take this further,” he explained.

“Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to impact millions of people through my music.I’d love to be a household name and have people singing my songs in thecar, in the shower and everywhere in-between. They say go big or go home, right?I’ve got nothingto lose and everything to gain.”

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