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Vic bar gets stolen Foo Fighters gift back

Theives who stole a Melbourne bar’s mirror gifted by the Foo Fighters have vowed to return it.It’s times like these for a Melbourne bar owner who used social media to track down a stolen mirror gifted to him by American rockers the Foo Fighters, using the band’s lyrics.

Cherry Bar owner James Young took to Facebook to reveal the mirror’s theft at the weekend, sharing footage of the alleged thieves.

“We ask for the… Best Of You,” Mr Young said, referencing the band’s 2005 hit.

“In…Times Like These.

“Get our Foo Fighters’ mirror back and be…. My Hero.”

Mr Young gave the poachers a deadline to return the mirror or he would hand over their full contact details to police.

It would be no mean feat, he suggested, given they were filmed on CCTV and used their credit card to buy a round of four pints.

“We would implore these guys to…take a good hard look at themselves in the mirror, and then return the mirror,” Mr Young pleaded.

An Adelaide man fessed up to the crime on Wednesday and said he would mail the mirror back.

Mr Young said getting the mirror back was, “simply the best, the best, the best.”

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl gifted the mirror to the bar when the band toured the country in January and the band had since offered to replace it after its theft.

Australian Associated Press

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